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6 Tips To Driving Safely in Fog in the UAE

Fog can be considered a very serious problem as the reduced vision on the road makes spotting risks much harder, if not impossible. The focus on how to cope with foggy conditions is really crucial. This issue is made simpler through Masterkey Luxury Car Rentals guidelines to keep you safe on the roads of UAE.

Transform Your Fog Lamps On

How driving safely in fogThis is actually the mark for the fog light in your vehicle. You should know you know where it is. There are some automobiles that don’t come with front side fog lighting, but all modern vehicles include rear fog lighting - as it's the law. They are really a legal need in most elements of the world. You should switch your fog lighting on and keep them on until you are obvious in the fog.

Then change them off if you are from the fog as they'll dazzle other motorists. The swap is usually on the indication stalk or headlight knob. You must check your car's manual which means you know where in fact the fog light move is (they're never concealed).

Only Drive When You Have To

There is a situation where if come across heavy blankets of fog, then your most sensible thing to do is delay or completely cancel your commitment. Your safe practices are the main thing, so await the fog to clear before you tripped.

Stop At Station Sometimes

You might face fog on the way to your work or school, then decelerate and pull in to the next service train station and await the fog to clear. This might take an hour roughly, so have an espresso and let your employer know you've halted until it is safe to keep your journey.

Slow down

The generating along a highway at 120km/h in fog is irresponsible and dangerous. You should lessen your speed to only 50km/h and stay static in the inside street. In case the fog is very solid, decelerate to 40km/h.

Use dipped headlights

Use dipped headlightsYou must switch your headlights on if you're driving a vehicle in fog. They should be switched back to normal. However, driving a vehicle with your primary beams is dangerous to other cars as it dazzles other drivers.

Never drive through the fog with your primary beams on, in case your vehicle has programmed headlights, gets them to on.

Avoid Driving With Your Risk Lights On

There are a lot of dilemmas as it pertains to generating with your risk lighting on in the fog. Some individuals undertake it to make themselves more noticeable, which really is a good intention, however, not sensible and can cause a major accident.

Hazard lights are made to alert other motorists that you will be stationary, or even to alert other motorists of the road hazard. In case a motorist behind you places your hazard lamps are on, he might panic convinced that you have ended (remember that awareness will be poor) and he might brake sharply. This may cause a major accident, especially with the motorist who's behind him, and so forth.

Source: mkrentacar.com