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Choosing the Right Tires for the Car

The fact that the tires of Your car are still black and are located under it is not an excuse not to pay any attention. We suppose You have heard about accidents or car crashes in which the tires were to blame. Of course not exactly tires, but the drivers, but that doesn't make it any better.

Regardless whether You are buying - used or new - car or have been a driver for a long time now, You should always check the condition of Your tires. Tires must be of high quality and dependable.

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The most important thing is that the tires should fir the rim of the car. Car factories usually have recommendations for that and it should be followed. It is particularly preferable to have the same tires on all four wheels (unless factory advised otherwise). Anyhow, on one axle of the car, there should be tires with the same type tire pattern - that is a demand of the Rules of Driving. You can always rent a car in Dubai at Payless Car Rental!

Seasonal Tires

The common known concept of "seasonal tires" - summer or winter. Winter tires might have studs, which prevents sliding, or without them. They are usually marked with Latin letters "M+S" which means "Mess + Snow". Studded tires are better for driving outside of a city, where the roads are not cleared and not nearly as convenient. On the city pavement, it would be better to use not studded tires, even if there is a mess of snow and salt on top of it. Summer tires are, naturally, are for the rest of the seasons.

Also, there are all-season tires, which are marked AS (All Season) or AW ( Any Weather). These tires give way to specialized, they are harder to manufacture and are more expensive than seasonal. They are, so to speak, for lazy people.

Tires can be diagonal or radial, tubed or tubeless. Radial is softer and is more convenient than diagonal. They have less tractive resistance, which saves gas. They are easier to control and more durable. However, they handle hits and cuts worse than diagonal, and are not solid enough on the bad roads. Radial tires are better for driving on highways.

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The tires you are buying for Your car should follow Russian and International standards. Certificated tires are marked E (which means following European standards), DOT (American) or both of them.

As any other product, a lot can be told about worldwide popular brands (Dunlop, Kleber, Matador, Michelin, Nokian, Pirelli) or products of not so famous manufacturers.

It's quite clear, that potential danger of getting into an accident will depend on the quality of the tires You bought. Safety of Your life, after all, is the most important thing.