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Dubai’s Exclusive Hummer Desert Safari

The Desert Safari adventure is quite heard of by almost every other person, but Hummer desert safari is less known and sounds like more of an exquisite experience. The time you think of the word “up-close –and-personal”, the first thing that would come to your mind is privacy. Now imagine experiencing a thrilling desert safari adventure in a private vehicle of your own, that too a luxurious hummer. The private was designed to give the adventurers an exclusive desert safari experience. The campsite has been given a perfect retro look and will always remain as one of the most treasured memory of Dubai.

Dubai desert safari with hummer

The Tour

The visitors are taken to a breath-taking tour of Dubai desert safari with Hummer. The world-class SUV, equipped with numerous luxuries gives its travellers a class experience while Dubai sand dunes are the destination. It provides everyone with a splendid experience. It is wonderful to see how Dubai had been looked years back as a complete desert, while witnessing the beautiful sunset feeling so close to nature.

The Dunes

The sand dune bashing is shows you the sand world, portraying how Dubai was 50 years back. You get the best sand driving experience while getting the opportunity to try out the quad bike in the desert. The sand boarding will be another thrill added to the list of adventures while you can enjoy the sunset and capture it in your cameras.

The Cuisine

The delightful refreshments in the forms of snacks and beverages will soothe you. The exclusive Hummer desert safari does not end here; after the sand dunes grandeur, you sense the pleasure from enjoying the international BBQ with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine.

Cuisine in dubai

The Culture

Besides the electrifying desert culture, the package subsumes some astounding activities that give you rich glimpses of the renowned Bedouin culture and tradition, including henna art, Shisha smoking, camel riding, tanoura show, fire shows, belly dancing performance, and enchanting falcon shows. The majlis ambiance in an Arabian style with luxurious cushions and carpets will totally pamper you as you will also get the opportunity of getting photographed in the traditional costumes.

The promising Arabian Safari Adventure will assure its visitors and enthusiastic and thrilling adventure while providing them with the finest services tailored as per their preferences. The guests will receive transportation in the form of pick and drop services from the selected locations. Prayer facilities, VIP seating, and well-maintained washrooms will add to the comfort and luxury of the trip. Hummer is a luxury and one of the best vehicles to delve deep into the sands dune which is otherwise not possible in an ordinary SUV vehicle. You will get an up-close and personal look at the Dubai's deserts' rare flora and fauna along with the exceptionally exciting terrain which makes the Arabian Deserts one of the most striking attractions across the world. It is high time to add this thrill to your bucket list and tick it off as soon as possible while reaching out to Arabian Safari.