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Everything You need to Know about Desert Safari

Morning desert safariThe Arabian Desert, located at an hour drive from the city is one the most infamous tourist attractions in Dubai. Despite the hot weather in Dubai for most time of the year, Desert Safari Dubai deals are always serving the entertainment right and helping the Dubai’s economy.

Due to the world-class living and touring experiences in the city and desert, Dubai has already hosted 8.1 million tourists only in the first part of 2018. Let me help you become one of Dubai, next happy tourists.

If you’re confused about how you should schedule your desert visit during your stay in Dubai, here is a list of famous desert safari deals you can consider.

Morning Desert Safari

Morning desert safari Dubai deals usually take your four hours in the morning. You go to the desert, capture the breathtaking view of orange dunes and sunrise in your memory, drive some dirt-bikes or sandboard, capture pictures and have some traditional Arabian breakfast there.

If you go with an agency, they will accompany you, guide you through the tour and offer your pick and drop services from your hotel.

Evening Deals

When morning deals help you start your day in the most challenging and different way, evening desert safari Dubai deals help you start the end of the day royally. You are picked from your hotel or residence for 4-hours evening deal. Driving, dirt-biking, camel rides, snacks, sandboarding, photo sessions and traditional dance shows are usually included in the deals.

Camel ride tour

Overnight Deals

Desert Safari Dubai is also a great destination to spend a silent night away from the city hassle. You’re picked and dropped on insured land cruisers, you dine at BBQ buffet, ride a camel, get your photos, watch some dance shows, camp and return after a light breakfast in the morning.

Quad Bike and Camel Ride Tour

You can also quad-bike with the agency crew, your friends or even your family in desert safari Dubai. If you don’t know how to ride one, you can learn or hire someone to drive for you. Quad biking is also considered the most exciting activity to participate in the Arabian Desert. Similarly, if you want to go for a camel ride with your family, there are safari deals available just to accommodate that. You don’t always have to pay for additional things when you are interested in one of them.

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