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Factors on which prices of the renting a car depends

Marina district in DubaiMarina, a district in the most beautiful and gracious city of Dubai, UAE.

This city has so much to explore and would definitely teach you the meaning of life and how to enjoy it to the full extent. It becomes really essential to rent a car in Dubai marina as there are so many possibilities that you would need a car on different occasions. To rent a car, you just have to fulfill some least requirements and the car would be all yours for a fixed period of time.

There are many factors that could influence the price of renting a car in Dubai. These are as follows:

  • The car’s age: One of the most important factors that could influence the price of the rental cars is its age that means if you rent the older version of the car it would cost you cheaper deal. This depends upon the model of the car and when it was purchased.
  • Type of the car: The model, version and color of the car also influence the rental car prices. If you choose a compact car, it would cost you less in comparison to a luxurious or SUV car. It is really important to go for a car size that is needed as it would help you save a lot of money.
  • Consumption of the fuel and type of the engine: Another factor that influences the rental car prices is the type of the engine used in the car and the consumption of the fuel. If the car consumes lesser fuel in comparison to other car then it would cost more as it saves your pocket in terms of refilling the car.

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  • Competition in the specific location: With the advancement of rental car services in the recent few years there are many companies that offer the facility of rental car services. In order to increase their customer there could be the chances of reduction in the prices of the rental car in a specific location.
  • Insurance and other legal services: The Company would charge higher for those cars which are covered under the insurance or any such facilities. It depends upon the buyer whether he wants to purchase a risk free car at higher rates or risk prone car at lower rates.

Renting a car not only gives you the freedom to move anywhere without any discomfort of public transports. Al Emad is a rental car company that provides you many benefits to travel across the country. This company not only provide you the car you wish for but also amenities like free fuel, 24/7 assistance, insurance and other legal papers of the rented car. And the most important benefit of this company that it also provides you the training if you are a tourist regarding the rules and regulations of the country and provide you some crash courses that would make you familiar with the roads of Dubai.

Source: al-emadcars.com