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How to Adjust Motocycle’s Side Mirrors

The main idea of adjustment of motorcycle's side mirrors is the following:

"Deadline" has to be minimal, so has to be the vision of your own elbows.

Side mirrors are the main parts of a bike because they are responsible for the safety of traffic. However, not all the beginning bikers know how to adjust side mirrors correctly, so it would be possible to see what is going on behind.

Perhaps, the main rule for adjustment is that 2/3 of the mirror have to cover the road and 1/3 - the surroundings. The most common mistake of beginners is that they are always trying to make it vice versa and get a huge "dead zone" as a result in which everything placed behind the bike can't be seen.

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When adjusting the mirror, you have to remember that biker has to receive maximum information from the left side. This is expected, considering the specific of traffic - overtaking is carried out on the left side. Vehicles on the right side, as a rule, move slower and the risk here is lower than on the left side. That is why left side mirror has to have a maximal angle of visibility in order to give biker an opportunity to see a vehicle moving at high speed. The ideal variant is when biker sees only a small part of his elbow and another part should be useful information about what is going on the road. You may come Boy4Car bike rental in Dubai receive all the info about correct side mirror adjustment.

When adjusting the right side mirror, you have to remember, that it has to show what is going on directly behind the moving motorcycle. As a rule, biker's elbow has to cover nearly half of visibility of the right side mirror. Consequently, to make visibility better, the right side mirror has to be adjusted in order to show what is going on behind the bike. It would be an ideal variant if biker would be able to see his side-turn signal when raising his hand. That means, that side mirror was adjusted correctly and it gives the possibility to control the zone behind the bike in the most efficient way.

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The other important aspect of adjustment is, that one of the side mirrors has to be a little bit lower towards horizon line. It is necessary for the situations when biker rides with a high speed and in order to decrease air pressure squeezes up against fuel tank, so there won't be any need to readjust the mirror while driving. Such change in biker's position also changes the angle of visibility and the mirror that was readjusted beforehand allows to have maximal real "picture" of what is going on behind you. If such procedure was not carried out, then, when the position was changed to a "sport" one, the biker would see the only sky in his mirrors.