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Indications of a failed brake disk

Being upright in your car’s maintenance can be a challenging task sometimes. You need to know when it’s due to take the car for servicing and how best to keep it at an optimum performance. The brake disk is one of the most important parts in your car. It should be replaced immediately you discover a problem with it. This guide will help you know the right time to replace your brake disk.

Indications of a failed brake disk

When car pulls one side

Brake diskAlthough pulling of car to one side or the other may be caused by other factors, it can be a defective brake disk in some instance. For example, when the driver applies the brake and the car swerves lightly to one side without turning the wheel, the most likely problem is a failed brake disk. But if the car pulls while you accelerate, it might be a different problem. So, it’s important to watch out carefully and consult your car mechanic when you notice any of these.

When brake pedal has a pulsating sound

If you discover that your brake is giving out a vibrating sound when you step on it, this could mean you needs buy brake disk in Dubai. The problem is a result of warped brake pads or worn out pads because of heat. Although a technician can re-machine the brake to solve the problem, a complete replacement is ideal for a permanent solution. The brake is not something you should manage when moving on the road. Whenever it starts giving you signs of worn-out, the best thing to do is to get a replacement part.

Thinning of the pad

Apart from sound, there are some visual clues that may indicate your brake disk needs replacement. If the pad becomes too thin (less than a quarter of an inch), it is a good indication that your brake disk is worn-out. In that case, a replacement will be in order.

Clicking Noise

Screeching sound

If you apply your brake and it makes a clicking noise, it’s a good sig your brake pad needs replacement. Car manufacturers designed a device to prevent brake pads from rattling when the brakes are depressed. If the mechanic cannot correct this issue, try to get a replacement as soon as possible.

Screeching Sound

If you press your brake and discover it makes a high-pitched noise, your brake disk is worn out, and you need to replace it. The screech is a result of an indication from a small metal directly below the pad. It gives out warning to the driver that there is a problem with the brake disk. Sometimes the sound may not be loud enough to hear, especially when your music is loud. So you have to pay particular attention to detect the sound on time. The screeching sound indicates that the brake disk may have rust. If the rust is completely cleaned the sound may stop. But it will be ideal to replace the disk if the rust on the pad resurfaces again.


The above are some of the major signs why you have to buy brake disc in Dubai. It’s very important to pay good attention to both visual and voice warnings from the brake area to discover any problem as early as possible.

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