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Is Manual Gearbox More Powerful?

Statements about a special “feeling of the car” with manual gearbox occur so often that almost don’t cause objections. It seems that usage of manual gearboxes in cars already suggests that here it is – the engineering top for powerful cars, providing the best control.

There is one nuance: the manual gearbox is prescribed by the rules of racing, and as soon as the rules are softened, racers suddenly begin to install automatic and semi-automatic boxes. And the “automatic gearbox” with a cam gear that are used for serious sports car, went away very far from civilian transmissions at the speed of switching, reliability and resource. PayPerKay gives you an opportunity to learn the features of “mechanics” if you want to take a car on lease in Dubai.

Myths From the Depths of Centuries

Sometimes there are statements about high switching speed of “mechanics”. This is completely wrong, or rather wrong for twenty years. To compare with the speed of switching or modern mechanics hydroautomation mechanics cannot. Even if it is the cam box, which goes “up” almost instantly. A part of switching in the automatic transmission occurs without breaking the power, and the rest go during hundredths of a second. Of course, while the box is properly functioning.

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Often fans of the "mechanics" extol the ability of the fine work with the gear as a huge advantage. Forgetting that for a box with sufficient dynamic range and fast switching all of these games just don’t need, it can get the best traction characteristic without burning the clutch.

And on impassable road it often can be that “swinging” with manual transmission is not more effective than the same technique on “automatic” – with an increase of switching speed, this advantage disappears.

Another point. The manual mode of the automatic transmission in 99 cases of 100 is enough to make a maneuver. But if you have to keep the transmission “till the end” there are a lot of cars with this kind of “honest” manual mode of the box, but this functionality is usually not very popular. As you can see, forced switching for many years as a monopoly of manual transmission, and a lot of “automatic” learned to copy this feature even better. Unless specific management techniques, with full traction off the cutoffs of coupling and starting from the high-speed are for manual transmission.

In any case, you unlikely can use all opportunities of the mechanics 100%. That's why the racers try to put the automated box, it reduces the dependence of the results from the state of a driver and let him concentrate on the result.

What Positive Powerful Qualities has the Manual Gearbox?

The only one thing that makes the box with the manual switch more “sporting” is the transfer of control of all the nuances of the management for the driver, who knows, where the car will go, how much traction he needs, which stock turnover… Meanwhile the driver anticipates the changing of a traffic situation.