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Tyre damages and Repairs

Tyre damage can be very difficult to detect, if you have damage from scraping the curb the wheel will probably have no visible damage what’s so ever.

However, if the wheel happens to be dented or cracked from a more severe form of impact it may need to be replaced if a simple repair is not possible. If your vehicle does not have a spare tire,  We can provide the best, high quality cheap tires Dubai has to offer. 

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Once your wheel is dented it may not be able to maintain a solid seal, this will cause your vehicle to have slow leaks and blowouts. A wheel that has a large amount of structural damage will soon break apart to pieces.

If this is to accrue it is important to hire an expert wheel mechanic to inspect, repair or replace this tyre. The decision to repair or replace a wheel is decided by judgement. As this can cause serious safety issues it’s better to take the most precautious act in regards to human safety.

Repair companies may offer to repair dents and bends, but this would not be the safest act, a simple replacement would.

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So if this is your call to action you will be taking a risk.

Repairing a wheel can be costly, but costs vary depending on the size of the wheel and the brand. In some cases, it may be more cost efficient to actually replace the tire.

Buying a used tyre can save you a lot of money as new replacement tyres for sports cars and high class brands can really hit you in the pocket. Although it may be difficult to know if a used tyre, has had any serious damages that will affect you and your passenger’s safety while driving.