Wedding Cortege

Wedding cortege

Wedding cortege is a very important component of a wedding day. Special event transportation should be organized in advance in order to be convenient and comply with a wedding style. Luxury modern vehicles are great supplement to a wedding ceremony. The Boy 4 Car vehicles stand out for a high comfort level, contemporary interior design and representative exterior. We believe that a wedding cortege needs to be executed and decorated in a single style and provide maximum comfort for all passengers.







Wedding carsAdvantages of Wedding Corteges by Boy 4 Car:

  • Wide vehicle selection. We are ready to offer a variety of vehicles of different brands. All cars are provided in excellent technical condition, what makes a journey safe, pleasant and comfortable. Our customers can choose one or a few cars for rent.
  • Best pricing rates. The Boy 4 Car diversified service range allows to prepare a personalized offer, based on client's needs, opportunities and expectations. Rates differ by driving service, timing, fuel consumption, car brand and decoration. Contact us for an accurate calculation of your wedding cortege.
  • Individual customer approach. Our friendly managers will provide a few cortege options according to a number of passengers, wedding design and customer requests.
  • Driving service is an optional addition to a standard car rental. Boy 4 Car experienced drivers will take care of any issues, that may arise: routes, guests transportation at late, urgent deliveries, passenger pick up. Besides, a driver takes responsibility for possible troubles, caused by traffic or unexpected road circumstances.