Personal Drivers

Driver serviceBabek Eliyev

Driving experience – 25 years. Babek is specialized in operating with light-duty vehicles, as passenger cars and corteges. Among his main professional qualities there are: accuracy, punctuality, attentiveness and solid reputation. Babek is an experienced personal driver and is always ready to perform a customer request in time.






DriverBatuhan Biler

Driving experience – 28 years. Batuhan is a professional in delivery transportation and handling. He operates with capacious cars, vans and trucks. Additional services, provided by Batuhan: loading, off-loading, load handling and packing assistance.






Experienced driverRyan Dunton

Driving experience – 20 years. Ryan is involved in corteges servicing during special occasions and events. He will be pleased to create enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere for his passengers. Ryan believes that a satisfactory customer service is a key to a successful celebration. His calm and confident driving manner won't distract guests from the occasion matter.







Professional driverAlbert Yabor

Driving experience – 30 years. Albert is experienced in diversified vehicle operation, as cars, vans, passenger buses and trucks. His services are especially appreciated by our customers, who travels at a long distance: Albert is also a skilled and knowledgeable mechanic, who can fix any technological issue.






Car Max driverArmando Viera

Driving experience – 27 years. Armando is known in our professional team as a friendly, well-wishing colleague and a perfect executor. His is recommended by our customers for his flexible customer approach: he is glad to perform an order at any time.